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Videos About Timeshares

If you’re like many people, you may take a vacation every year or so. While vacationing is usually enjoyable, it can turn into a nightmare if you buy a timeshare. That’s because purchasing a timeshare is a long-term commitment, and you’re often required to pay for it upfront. You’ll also have to pay ongoing maintenance fees, and you might have to cough up additional funds to cover special assessment fees from time to time.

Sadly, owning a timeshare doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to use your vacation property when or how you want to. It also doesn’t ensure the resort where your timeshare is located will deliver on all the promises it made during its sales presentation.

Just as sadly, the timeshare industry has developed a reputation for being riddled with scams. While we wish we could tell you that isn’t the case, the industry’s reputation is well-deserved despite many developers operating above board.

Timeshare Scams Revealed

Dave Ramsey is a consumer advocate that has strong opinions on the timeshare industry. He tells it like it is. Timeshares are an awful investment that he recommends getting out of sooner rather than later.

In this snippet, you’ll hear the necessarily blunt advocate describe timeshares as a “crummy investment” akin to pre-paying for a hotel room for the next 20 years. Given the time value of money, Ramsey advises viewers to put their money in an alternate investment and use the interest from that account to pay for a hotel room at the destination of their choice rather than the one their timeshare developer picks for them.

If you’re still tempted to buy a timeshare, we strongly encourage you to reconsider. According to Ramsey, 98 percent of the timeshare owners who call into his show express dissatisfaction with their pre-paid vacation property.

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If It Sounds Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

Unfortunately, the adage “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” applies to the timeshare industry too often. As you’ll see when you watch our timeshare scam videos, timeshare nightmares can begin as early as the time you arrive to attend a sales presentation.

From 90-minute presentations that turn into the equivalent of a full eight-hour workday to high-pressure, relentless sales tactics and much more, timeshare salespeople have many unscrupulous arrows in their figurative quivers. Married seniors, young singles, parents, grandparents and adults of all ages and at all stages of life are in jeopardy of falling prey to scams, as you’ll see when you watch these disturbing timeshare videos.

EZ Exit Now Can Help

If you’re the victim of dishonest sales practices like the people in our timeshare scam videos, EZ Exit Now can help. We specialize in helping people get rid of their vacation properties. Our team helps people all over the United States kiss their timeshares goodbye for good.

While some of our competitors are content with collecting a fee and watching you continue to be burdened by your timeshare, we’ll labor tirelessly to get you out from underneath your vacation property. To learn more about our timeshare exit service and schedule a consultation, contact EZ Exit Now today.

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