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Cancel Your South Carolina Timeshare

Do you own a timeshare in South Carolina? While you may have enjoyed countless vacations with your family members and friends at your timeshare, you may still want to exit your vacation property at some point. The inability to travel, unexpended rising maintenance fees, taxes and special assessments and the failure of a resort to live up to its promises are just some of the reasons why you may want to look into getting out of a South Carolina timeshare.

“No matter why you have an interest in exiting your vacation property, the experts at EZ Exit Now can determine whether we can help you”.

Act Quickly to Exit a South Carolina Timeshare

Like other states, South Carolina has a rescission period during which new timeshare owners can cancel their timeshares by providing written notice. South Carolina’s cooling-off period is only five days long. The state’s rescission period begins on the day you sign your purchase agreement or the date you receive a disclosure agreement from your developer, whichever happens later.

There is another way some owners can cancel a South Carolina timeshare. South Carolina allows a timeshare owner to exit a vacation property if the timeshare is not as it was described in the related purchase agreement and required disclosure, and the resort can’t provide accommodations that are comparable to the written description.

Get Help with the South Carolina Timeshare Cancellation Process

While sending a written notice during the rescission period sounds simple enough, the South Carolina timeshare cancellation process is often much more complicated. What would happen if a developer refuses to acknowledge receipt of your notice? What happens if the rescission period has expired? What should you do if a resort disagrees with your assertion that your vacation property no longer matches the description in your purchase agreement?

In many cases, chaos is the result of any one of those scenarios — chaos that requires the help of experts to bring to an end. The experts at EZ Exit Now have been helping qualified timeshare owners exit their vacation properties for years and we can help you, too.

We understand that continued ownership of a timeshare puts a strain on many owners as time passes. This burden can continue for months or years as these people struggle to unload their ownership shares. We believe you deserve to live a stress-free life, which is why we’re fully committed to helping people that we are able, cancel their South Carolina timeshares.

We’re aware that many timeshare owners feel like they’ve been betrayed and that no one has their best interests in mind. Our clients’ best interests are always top of mind in all our business dealings. Our South Carolina timeshare cancellation process is completely transparent, and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

To learn more about our timeshare cancellation process and to see if we can help you cancel your South Carolina timeshare, we invite you to contact EZ Exit Now. We look forward to helping you exit your vacation property soon.

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