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Exit California Timeshare

Whether you love the mountains or you prefer spending time at the beach, whether you enjoy the serenity of the country or the bustle of the city is more your thing, California has something for you. With world-renowned cities, gorgeous landscapes and a long list of attractions and amenities located throughout The Golden State, it’s no wonder why so many people own timeshares in California.

But just because California has so much to offer, it doesn’t mean every timeshare owner is happy with their purchase. Of course, this is in no way a reflection on The Golden State. Sometimes a developer is to blame because the resort was unable to deliver everything it promised. At other times, vacation property owners want to get out of a California timeshare because their circumstances have changed, and they can’t travel anymore and that is when they learn that the timeshare they bought was not what was promised.

If you have a legitimate reason for wanting to get rid of your California timeshare, EZ Exit Now can help.

Act Early to Get Out of a California Timeshare

For too many people, exiting a California timeshare or a vacation property located in another state is a nightmarish experience that can drag on for years or have no results. If you take quick action after you purchase a timeshare in California, you may be able to avoid having that happen to you.

California has a seven-day rescission period, which is sometimes referred to as a “cooling-off period.” The rescission period starts with the receipt of the public report or the execution of a purchase agreement, whichever happens later. From that moment, you have seven days to cancel a California timeshare by providing written notice.

If you signed your purchase agreement in a state other than California, that state’s laws will determine the length of the rescission period in which you can cancel your California timeshare. Some states have a rescission period that’s just three days long, so it’s important for you to act fast if you want to cancel a timeshare shortly after you purchased it.

Contact EZ Exit Now to Get Rid of a California Timeshare

Unfortunately, getting out of a timeshare isn’t always as easy as providing written notice within a given time period. Some people might not realize they were misrepresented or mislead about their vacation property until after they’ve owned it for years.

If you want to exit a timeshare and the rescission period has already expired, Many people can find the help they need at EZ Exit Now. For years, we’ve been helping timeshare owners across the country exit their vacation properties as quickly and affordably as possible. We know that continuing to own a timeshare can become a hefty financial burden with no benefit for a lot of people over time, which is why we’ve dedicated our Christian-based timeshare exiting company to helping people get out of their vacation properties.

To learn how we can help you get rid of your California timeshare, contact EZ Exit Now today.

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