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How to Cancel Your Arizona Timeshare

Many people purchase a timeshare with the intention of traveling more often, having a convenient place to stay on vacation and passing down their investment to their kids. However, they can turn into a nightmare for you and your family with no easy way to cancel them. If you find yourself stuck with no way to get out of your Arizona timeshare, EZ Exit Now can help.

Exit Common Arizona Timeshares

People can purchase multiple types of timeshares. Your annual fees, expenses and maintenance costs vary based on the type of timeshare you choose and where it’s located. Here are some of the most common types people try to cancel:

  • Fixed-Week Timeshares: People or families who vacation in the same spot every year often choose this option. Then, they get the same unit for the same week(s) every single year.
  • Right-to-Use Timeshares: With this type, you’re only renting a timeshare, not owning or co-owning a property. You get the leased unit for a certain amount of time each year based on your agreement.
  • Floating Timeshares: These are like fixed-week timeshares in that you get the same unit every year. However, you can choose the time you want it provided it’s not already booked.
  • Point Timeshares: Point timeshares work by purchasing points and then redeeming those points for a location, timeframe and unit.

Reasons You Want to Cancel an Arizona Timeshare

While these options initially seem attractive, a timeshare can quickly turn into a nightmare with exorbitant fees that can bankrupt you. The process of canceling your timeshare can be complicated both financially and emotionally. While your reasons for canceling your timeshare vary, people often want to cancel due to changing family situations, financial struggles, rigid schedules and misleading property ownership.

Our Process to Cancel an Arizona Timeshare

We have a comprehensive process for Arizona timeshare cancellation. It all starts with a private meeting with you. We want to hear your story confidentially so we can walk with you throughout this process. While other companies may ask you to meet in group settings, we know this is a deeply personal matter.

During that initial meeting, we listen to the reasons you want to exit your Arizona timeshare. Once we truly understand your situation, we’ll walk you through the options that are available to you. We want to help you get out of your timeshare quickly. We’ll send you paperwork from our cancellation department, then forward it on to the resort developer so we can reach a quick resolution. Our favorite thing is sharing the good news with you in a celebratory phone call.

Exit Arizona Timeshare Today

We care about you and helping you get out of your Arizona timeshare. We’re a faith-based, debt-free organization that loves to give back to the community. Learn more about our timeshare termination services today by contacting us today.

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