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Sell My Timeshare

Are you the owner of a timeshare vacation property you no longer want to bear the burden of? When you made your purchase agreement and acquired your timeshare, you may have been swayed by the alluring dream of an exotic getaway you could escape to any time — one that might even make you money when you weren’t there. Whether your agreement failed to live up to its promised benefits, or your special assessment and maintenance fees piled up more than you expected, your timeshare probably isn’t bringing you the enjoyment you expected. In fact, it’s likely doing the opposite.

If you’re like many timeshare owners and your arrangement has turned out to be more trouble than it’s worth, you’re probably wondering how to sell a timeshare and what your options are. Unfortunately, the timeshare world is full of dishonesty — from resort companies to timeshare-selling scams — and selling timeshares can be an expensive, drawn-out process that’s just as difficult as maintaining the timeshare itself. When you need honest, trustworthy advice and assistance, EZ Exit Now can help you avoid scams and end your timeshare arrangement for good.

How We Can Help You With Resale Timeshare Alternatives

When it comes to finding your way out of an unsatisfactory timeshare obligation, you might be under the impression you can’t exit your agreement, even if your resort has inundated you with unexpected fees or has failed to follow through on its promised benefits. Selling your timeshare might seem like your only option, but EZ Exit Now can aid you in an easier escape process. With a complex understanding of the timeshare market, we have the expertise, experience, knowledge and resources to get you out of your timeshare.

When you contact our team for assistance, we’ll begin the process by speaking to you personally about your situation and getting a solid understanding of your needs. In your home, our office, or wherever else you feel comfortable, we’ll arrange a visit to talk about the details of your timeshare and why you want to sell or get rid of it. From there, we’ll explain your alternative options to selling and what courses of action you can pursue.

When you’ve made your decision, we’ll take care of filing the paperwork, planning out the process and negotiating with your resort. All you have to do is review and sign the documents we prepare for you and wait for your congratulatory call.

Contact Us to Get Help

Unfortunately, the world of timeshares is often dishonest and can be full of dangers for owners, including scams by both timeshare sellers and companies claiming they’ll end or buy your timeshare. Here at EZ Exit Now, we’re all too familiar with the threats timeshare owners face. That’s why we make it our mission to protect and represent you in your efforts to exit your arrangement. As a faith-based company with a foundation of honesty, transparency, integrity and trustworthiness, we do everything in our power to release you from your timeshare obligation and protect your financial interests in the process.

When you’re ready to be free from the weight and the cost of your timeshare commitment, EZ Exit Now is here to help. Call or contact us online today to arrange a free consultation.