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Relinquishing Your Timeshare

Were you invited to spend a weekend at a vacation property for free if you attended a brief sales presentation? It’s not uncommon for developers to offer a complimentary stay at a resort to get people to commit to buying a timeshare at the property. In fact, they may sweeten the deal by offering you a free laptop or a gift card that’s worth several hundred dollars.

Just as it’s easy to accept a free stay at a sought-after resort and any other gifts a developer might offer, it’s very easy to fall for deceptive sales tactics. Maybe that two-hour sales presentation will turn into a day-long affair during which salespeople will bombard you with false promises. Perhaps an employee will pose as an innocent attendee and remind you of all the great things the property has to offer at various times under the guise of providing helpful advice.

If you purchased a timeshare and now regret it, you aren’t alone. Too many people have bought a vacation property under circumstances that can best be described as “questionable” and now have an interest in relinquishing their timeshare.

Relinquish Your Timeshare Ownership  

Common Reasons to Release a Timeshare

Even if you bought a timeshare with your eyes wide open, so to speak, things can happen that may cause you to want to get rid of your vacation property. Here are some of the reasons people become interested in relinquishing their timeshare ownership:

  • Death of a spouse or traveling companion
  • Change in their financial situation
  • Inability to travel
  • Rising maintenance expenses or unexpected assessment fees
  • Inability to book the dates or desired property consistently (or ever)

Whether you want to relinquish your property for these reasons or others, the process of relinquishing your timeshare contract may seem daunting.

How to Go about Relinquishing Your Timeshare Ownership

If a salesperson assured you that relinquishing your timeshare ownership would be a cinch if you ever wanted to unload your vacation property, the opposite is often true. Relinquishing a timeshare is usually a laborious process that is difficult for individual consumers to manage successfully on their own.

Few, if any, developers will help timeshare owners get out from underneath their vacation property. Attempting to sell a timeshare in the secondary market is a risky proposition. Many companies that will offer to sell your timeshare in the resale market will take your money up front, but then do nothing to market — let alone sell — your vacation property.

While that’s the bad news, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And that light is EZ Exit Now.

Our faith-based company was founded to help people exit their timeshare as quickly and affordably as possible. When you choose to work with us, you can rest assured you have a partner that will operate with your best interests in mind at all times. We will talk to your developer on your behalf and handle all the paperwork necessary for you to exit your timeshare.

For a trustworthy partner that can facilitate the release of your timeshare, contact our Christian-based company to schedule a consultation with EZ Exit Now today.

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