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Val M.

Val has been with the EZ Exit team from the start.

Val graduated from St. Thomas University, Miami Florida in 2001 where he completed a double major in Political Science and History.

After graduating from college Val went to work for Steve Geller, a Florida Senator to make a positive impact on our society.

Today Val is the Senior Executive Director with EZ Exit Now Timeshare Escape.

Val is a God fearing, dedicated husband, and father of 2.

Val’s integrity and moral fortitude, along with his 7 years of experience and knowledge in releasing families from difficult timeshare situations, make Val a leader in the industry.

Val’s passion is to help others understand the truth and become financially stable with a better understanding of the complexity of a timeshare industry.

“It is sometimes difficult for a timeshare owner to understand why someone who rents a timeshare will always receive better service than someone who already owns one, or why a representative from a resort would mislead someone incorrectly,” Val states.

Val wants our clients to know that we understand how they feel.

“As human beings we want to trust we are being told the truth.” To Val, it seems that when you enter a resort property, money takes precedence over honor and integrity.

Maybe that is why one of the cover pages of the public offering statement states “You should not rely upon oral representation as being correct.” That is not right.

He feels that when we help a family get away from this type of behavior, we know we have done what is best for the family.

“Honor, Integrity, and Trust. These are qualities that a company must posses for me to be a part of, and EZ Exit Now models all three.”