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Kerry K.

Kerry is one of the Managers at EZ Exit Now timeshare escape.
He has been with EZ Exit Now for just under two years.
Father of two, family man with a 6 year old daughter and one on the way.

Kerry is an outdoorsman, who Loves his family. He enjoys camping, hiking and exploring.

Kerry Understands the pain of timeshare ownership. And sees the pain the clients go through on a daily basis.

It’s the Giant Timeshare industry monster against the American Mom and Pop that Kerry says is being taken advantage of.

Kerry says that it is
Sometimes hard to hear what our clients have gone through. Kerry says that he can’t help it but he does take it personally when he hears of the hardships many of our clients have gone through.
Needless to say, Kerry is very passionate about helping families become Timeshare free.
Shedding a light on the darkness of the industry and the smoke and mirrors that have heard so many people.

Kerry says, “I often work long hours, but it’s worth it knowing that we are helping so many people.”