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How to Get Out of Your Westgate Timeshare

Your timeshare promises you the world — until you want to get out. Many people find it difficult to cancel a Westgate timeshare once they’ve decided they’re not interested anymore. Instead of going through the process alone, find out if we can help you get rid of your Westgate timeshare for good.

Don’t live with the emotional and financial stress of a timeshare. Learn more about how to get out of your Westgate timeshare today.

How a Westgate Timeshare Works

Every timeshare operates a little differently. Through Westgate, you purchase a share of a resort that is supposed to lock-in your regular vacation time at the resort at least once a year. The price points change based on the location, season, size and other resort amenities you choose.

Westgate also offers exchange programs, where you can trade the annual week you chose for your vacation for another week at a different resort or another experience such as a cruise. Unlike other timeshares that operate under points, people who choose Westgate must vacation during the same week every year.

Reasons You Want to Get Out of a Westgate Timeshare

Although everyone has their own reason for wanting to get out of a Westgate timeshare, there are a few common themes. These include:

  • A changing family situation
  • A changing financial situation
  • A deceptive or misleading property ownership
  • A change in your ability to travel

Some of these situations are out of your control, making it even more devastating when you can’t exit your timeshare. Others find that there are hidden fees within their Westgate timeshare. Although the base price may seem reasonable, there are often other fees from maintenance costs and more. Instead of dealing with the headache yourself, work with EZ Exit Now to cancel your Westgate timeshare.

Our Westgate Timeshare Cancellation Process

We have a comprehensive Westgate timeshare cancellation process that can help you get out of your Westgate timeshare whether you’ve tried before or not. We start with an individual meeting with you to learn more about your timeshare. While other companies often try to schedule a meeting in a group setting, we know this is a deeply personal matter.

We want to take the time to listen to you about the reasons you wish to cancel your Westgate timeshare. From there, we can give you some options for moving forward. We try to get you out of your timeshare as quickly as possible, so we’ll send you paperwork soon after our meeting and then send it on to Westgate. With EZ Exit Now, we’ll try to keep you out of the cancelation process as much as possible, so you don’t have any extra burdens. We love giving our clients “woohoo” phone calls to let them know they are officially out of their timeshare.

Cancel Your Westgate Timeshare Today

EZ Exit Now is a faith-based, debt-free organization that’s focused on getting you out of your timeshare. Contact us today to learn more about our timeshare cancelation services.

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