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EZ Exit Now’s Google Reviews

Google reviews

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  • “A representative from EZ Exit Now came to our house to discuss relieving us of our timeshare. Ron was very professional, knowledgable and easy to talk to. We feel he was very honest and forthcoming. We will be glad to be done with our timeshare.” (5 / 5) – Butch Lamunyan


  • “This is a company that clearly stands on principle. They do what they say they are going to do and take care of their clients. Proud to know this team of hard-working people who put the client’s needs before their profits.” (5 / 5) – Jim Sulzer


  • “This company is located 10 minutes down the rode from me, I know they are a trustworthy organization that can legally get you out off your Timeshare, guaranteed 100% success rate! You can count on them .” (5 / 5) — Glen J G


  • “You guys are amazing! Thank you thank you thank you for helping me get out of those crazy resort fees. This company is my recommendation.” (5 / 5) – Crystal G


  • “EZ Exit Now blessed me with not having to pay that awful timeshare. Thank you so much! (5 / 5) – Bianca Castillo


  • “I was in a desperate need to rid myself of my Time Share. I was sick and tired of paying my maintenance fees and never being able to book into my resort or should I say the Resort Location I Wanted!!!! I stumbled across this companies website and decided what the heck. I called and spoke to a Representative who I must say was very professional and knowledgeable about these TimeShare Situations. Within 15 minutes I was scheduled for an appointment a few days later!!!! The Consultant showed up on time and he was also very professional, well dressed, and educated in Time Shares. He discussed strategies, and solutions until we decided what was best for my particular circumstance. 45 Minutes later I WAS TIMESHARE FREE!!!!!
    Thanks to EZ Exit Now”  (5 / 5) -Rodney Martin


  • “Ok, so I promised the consultant that if she got rid of my timeshares and the fees that I would write a review so here I am. When they called I was skeptical at first but I gave them a chance. Thank god I did because my timeshare can be found online cheaper than the maintenance fees that I pay yearly. When I wanted to use it I couldn’t even book the week that I wanted. It became a disaster but me and my husband are happy that this company helped us with us. They are professional and they have my vote. Word of advice stay away from timeshares!” (5 / 5) – Donna Anderson


  • “I Can’t Believe These Guys Actually Got Me Out Of My Timeshare, They Were Straightforward And Didn’t Hide Any Detail When It Came To Assisting Me.” (5 / 5) – Daniel Mokuwa