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The timeshare cancellation process can be a long, arduous one that can be both emotionally and financially taxing. Even if you seek assistance from a professional, it doesn’t guarantee things will end favorably. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous individuals and untrustworthy companies take advantage of people when they’re at their most vulnerable, take their money and then do nothing to actually help them exit their timeshare or vacation property agreements.

At EZ Exit Now, we are different. We care about helping you cancel your timeshare with minimal hassle. Learn more about our company and timeshare cancellation process below.

About EZ Exit Now

EZ Exit Now was founded to help people exit their timeshares fairly and ethically. Our faith-based organization is committed to protecting our clients’ best interests and finances at all times. We believe in the Golden Rule, which means we’ll always treat you the way we expect to be treated in all of our business dealings: with respect, honesty and transparency.

We don’t just say we can help you cancel your timeshare or vacation property. We mean it. And we have a long track record of success that proves our exit strategies are successful.

Our Timeshare Cancellation Process: 1) Initial meeting to discuss options 2) Sign documentation 3) Confirm your cancellation

About Our Timeshare Exit Process

Even though you’re not the only person who wants to cancel a timeshare, we know your situation is different from everyone else’s. You may want to give up your timeshare for different reasons. You may have more or less money invested in your timeshare. Your vacation property might be difficult or even impossible to use. Your situation will be unique to you for any number of reasons.

Because everyone’s situation is different, we take a highly individualized approach with our clients. Our timeshare cancellation process begins with a one-on-one meeting with you. We don’t meet with impersonal groups in sterile environments. We’ll meet with you face-to-face in your home, our office or at another location where you’ll feel comfortable opening up to us.

During our initial meeting with you, we’ll listen to your story, ask questions and take notes. We’ll then present the best options that are available for you to cancel your timeshare or vacation property successfully. When you decide which course of action you want to pursue, we’ll send the required paperwork to our cancellation department or qualified attorney to expedite the release of your vacation property or timeshare. Next, we’ll have the requisite documents drawn up for you to review and sign.

After you sign the necessary paperwork, we’ll contact the developer. We will provide any paperwork your developer or transfer company needs. After we’ve reached a resolution, we will record the documents with the county clerk’s office. We’ll then confirm that you’re no longer the owner of a timeshare or vacation property.

The Final Step

The final step in our timeshare cancellation process is the most rewarding. It’s when we get to place a “woohoo” call to you to let you know that you are free of your timeshare once and for all.

While you may be eager to take the final step in our cancellation process, you have to take the initial one and get in touch with our timeshare exit company first. Contact EZ Exit Now today.

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