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Alternatives To Timeshares

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"Alternatives To Timeshares" in front of a modern vacation home with a pool

Alternatives to Timeshares

You’ve been planning a vacation and looking for the best place to stay. Timeshares, vacation homes and other rentals are out there, but you need to decide which is right for you. Or perhaps you’re looking to exit a timeshare and discover better options. Timeshares aren’t the ideal vacation choice for most people, but luckily there are many different alternatives to consider.

So why consider alternatives to timeshares? Timeshares are full of false promises and predatory practices. They’re expensive and binding, and you have to pay for a timeshare and the fees that come with it even if you don’t use the space. You have better choices out there that give you flexibility, better pricing and a more trustworthy experience.

Below, you’ll find different options to help you plan your next trip. Gain back the freedom and flexibility in your vacation with these alternatives to timeshares.

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Buying or Renting a Vacation Home

Renting or buying a vacation home is a much more trustworthy process than getting involved in a timeshare. When you buy or rent a vacation home, you have more say in the location and the type of dwelling you stay in. You’ll tour available homes, finding one that’s the right size for you and your family.

If you do like the idea of a permanent destination that you’d have with a timeshare, get it by purchasing a vacation home instead. When buying a vacation home, you reap these benefits:

  • Use it anytime: When you buy a vacation home, it’s yours to use throughout the year. You don’t have an allotted time to visit as you would with a timeshare. Instead, you can go to your vacation home on a spur-of-the-moment weekend trip or go throughout the seasons.
  • Have a vacation home that’s yours: No one else will use your home unless you rent it to other vacationers. Even then, you’ll have more control over who stays in your home and for how long. You can adjust rental opportunities based on your schedule and when you want to use your home. With ownership also comes the ability to customize and personalize your vacation home.
  • Rent it out to others: Being able to rent out your vacation home lets you gain a bit of income that can help offset the costs of the space. You probably won’t use your vacation home all the time, and that’s where renting comes in handy.
  • Sell it easily: Many timeshare owners find it impossible to sell their timeshares. But the vacation home market is booming. In 2019, the vacation rental market was globally valued at $87.09 billion, and it’s only expected to grow. That means in the future, more individuals will be looking to either buy or rent vacation homes, giving you the chance to sell your vacation home easily.

On Airbnb, you can explore available short-term lodging by location.


Airbnb and similar services are popular vacation rental websites. On Airbnb, you can explore available short-term lodging by location. Search for the amenities, the number of beds and various services you need for your vacation. See pictures of the accommodations, read reviews from past guests and discover what’s nearby.

Many Airbnb hosts are either local to the area or knowledgeable about it. You can ask for travel advice or discover nearby transportation, restaurants and attractions with their help. When you’re booking through a short-term lodging site, you may also have protection for your visit, though that will vary based on the site you use.

A wide variety of travelers use Airbnb to find accommodations. Young travelers on strict budgets find short-term stay options, while retired travelers look for high-end rentals. There’s something for everyone on this platform and others like it.

Using Airbnb to book accommodations for your vacation is somewhat similar to a hotel. You’ll pick your destination, which you can’t do with a timeshare. With Airbnb, you also have the option for more private short-term rentals than you would when staying in a hotel. And because you’re staying in a rental home, you’ll have amenities like access to a full kitchen, which you wouldn’t in a hotel. While some timeshares have kitchens and other amenities, they come with too many expenses and challenges, making an Airbnb a better alternative.

Resort Rentals

If you want more from your accommodations than a place to sleep, consider resort rentals. Resorts may include experiences, entertainment and more privacy during your stay than what you’d have in a hotel or other rental service. If you want a full vacation experience that involves little planning on your part, explore resort rentals as your alternatives to timeshares.

Resort rentals offer a similar lodging experience to timeshares, but you won’t have to deal with the excessive fees or limited schedule. You can reserve your resort rental for any time of year, as long as there are availabilities. You could also take a longer or shorter stay than you would with a timeshare, giving you flexibility for your vacation. And when you travel with a resort rental, you don’t have to go to the same destination every year. Pick a new place for new experiences or return to a favorite resort as you like.

You may even find resort rentals in the same units of timeshare accommodations. Destinations sometimes offer rental rooms and timeshare options at the same location. You’ll get the same destination and lodging in a rental as you would in a timeshare without the expenses or limitations.

There are various ways to find the best travel deals for your vacation

Travel Deals

Travel deals give you cheaper ways to enjoy your vacation, from the flights to accommodations. Timeshares come with so many extra expenses, like maintenance and property taxes, that you’ll have to compromise other areas of your vacation. The best travel deals save you money on your trip so you can afford the best experience possible. But remember to shop smart when it comes to deals. Compare prices and only use credible memberships and sites to receive discounts. There are various ways to find the best travel deals for your vacation, so consider:

  • Using club store membership discounts: If you have a membership to a club store like Costco, you may have access to exclusive travel discounts. Look into vacation packages or hotel discounts to find travel deals from a membership you’re paying for anyway.
  • Seeking hotel discounts: Many hotels and travel businesses offer discounts for seniors, teachers, AAA members, first responders, military service members and other individuals. You typically need to provide some sort of proof of your status or membership, but be sure to ask about these discounts.
  • Traveling in the off-season: Finding travel deals during the off-season will depend on your flexibility for your vacation. But taking a vacation during the off-season means you could experience fewer crowds and get better deals on travel and accommodations.
  • Traveling in a group: This travel deal doesn’t involve signing up with a club or organization. Get the best travel deals simply by traveling in a group. Split the costs of a rental home or Airbnb rental to save money on your vacation and travel with friends and family.

How EZ Exit Now May Be Able to Help

If you want to explore one of these timeshare alternatives and exit your timeshare, you need a hero in the timeshare exit industry. That’s where we at EZ Exit Now could come in. With individual case managers and meetings, we’ll find out whether we can assist you in exiting your timeshare. If we can help you, a dedicated case manager will get you out of your timeshare as quickly as possible. You’ll then be free to explore alternatives to timeshares and reclaim your vacations.

Contact us today for a free consultation and to see if EZ Exit Now can help you exit a timeshare.

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