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Exit Your Unwanted Timeshare

There are plenty of reasons why people may not want to own their timeshares anymore. Misrepresentations made by the sales person during the purchase, failing health, a substantial change in financial circumstances, being unable to book the dates they want year after year and the inability to use the property are just a few of the reasons why people may want to give up their timeshares.

One of the leading reasons owners want to exit their timeshares or vacation properties is the failure of a property management company to deliver the experience it promised. Rising maintenance fees along with special assessment fees and resort exchange fees that may not have been disclosed at the time of sale that are often exorbitant are just a few examples of how a resort property may fail to deliver the pleasant experience a timeshare owner once looked forward to enjoying.

If you’ve decided to give up your timeshare for any reason, it’s vital that you seek assistance from an organization with a sound, long-standing reputation for ethical business practices. Unfortunately, choosing a timeshare cancellation company without doing research is just as risky as trusting a timeshare company sales person.

EZ Exit Now is among the nation’s best timeshare exit companies because we help people get out of their timeshares ethically, responsibly, affordably, fairly and quickly. We care deeply about our clients and always strive to come up with individualized solutions that will alleviate them of the financial and emotional burdens. The use of third-party exit companies like EZ Exit Now are imperative to assure that timeshare companies comply with exit promises they may assert, rather than giving more empty promises to owners.

Our Timeshare Cancellation Process: 1) Initial meeting to discuss options 2) Sign documentation 3) Confirm your cancellation

Our Timeshare Exit Process

When you work with our timeshare relief company, you’ll instantly sense that our team is different. Unlike some other timeshare relief companies, we’ll meet with you one-on-one in a comfortable setting that will put you at ease immediately. Whether it’s at your home or our office, we’ll set up a meeting on your terms and at your convenience.

When we meet with you, we’ll discuss your situation in detail. We’ll listen to your story, take notes and ask questions to make sure we have all the details in order. We’ll then review your situation and discuss options about how we can proceed as a team.

Once we decide on a course of action, we’ll draw up the necessary documents for you to review and sign. We’ll then send the requisite paperwork to the appropriate attorney if needed, or title company to initiate the expedited release of your timeshare or vacation property.

The relevant documents will then be recorded and filed with the county clerk’s office, developer or transfer agency. We will then confirm that the resort’s records show that you no longer own a timeshare or vacation property.

At the end of our process, you will receive a phone call from us that will verify you don’t own a timeshare or vacation property anymore. We call this the “Woohoo Call,” because it’s the moment our clients can finally enjoy the peace of mind our process produces.

To learn more about our timeshare and vacation property cancellation services, contact EZ Exit Now today.

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