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Who are we on the inside?


Kerry Kalish

Inside Associate

Kerry is one of the Managers at EZ Exit Now timeshare  escape.
He has been with EZ Exit Now for just under two years.
Father of two, family man with a 6 year old daughter and one on the way.

Kerry is an outdoorsman, who Loves his family. He enjoys camping and hiking and exploring.

Kerry Understands the pain of timeshare ownership.  And sees the pain the clients go through on a daily basis.

It’s the Giant Timeshare  industry monster against the American Mom and Pop that Kerry says is being taken advantage of.

Kerry says that it is
Sometimes hard to hear what our clients have gone through. Kerry says that he can’t help it but he does take it personally when he hears of the hardships many of our clients have gone through.
Needless to say, Kerry  is very passionate about helping families become Timeshare free.
Shedding light on the darkness of the industry and the smoke and mirrors that have heard so many people.

Kerry says “I often work long hours, but it’s worth it knowing that we are helping so many people.”

Courtney Daffin

Courtney Daffin

Inside Associate

Courtney has been with EZ Exit for nearly two years now.

Courtney has a passion for wanting people to understand what they own, because he has found through his time with EZ Exit that most families only know what their sales person told them to get them to buy.


Courtney is a very educated man with a Masters Degree in Public Administration


Courtney stands for equality and justice.

Courtney takes great pride in educating the public on timeshare issues and has an inter desire to help.


Michael Bradley

Inside Associate

Heart and soul!

Michaels dedication and Loyalty stick out above all.

Michael often says that he is the most dedicated Employee of EZ Exit now.

Any time there is a need, you can count on Michael to be there.

There is Nothing that Michael is not willing to do, to help and to help clients learn just how EZ Exit now will help them, just as they have helped hundreds and hundreds of families to first understand what their situation is and what they truly own and then strive to help them to take the next step to becoming more Debt Free and more Directly, Timeshare Free


Taylor Phillips

Inside Associate

Taylor was born in Pineville, Louisiana.

She has lived in Houston for over two years.

She has been working with EZ Exit Now since the beginning of 2016.

She is a Military wife.

Loves helping people.

Taylor loves reading, bowling, miniature golf, and family time.

Taylor feels that it is important to be as transparent as possible when speaking to a client.

She says that she loves what she does and it shows.

Taylor truly understands that not everyone wants to admit they’ve made a mistake in purchasing the timeshare.

She understands that they’ve invested a lot of money, and how it hurts to find out that the resort has been less than honest in many cases.

If you ask Taylor a question she will not hesitate to answer.


People want to know they’re talking to a knowledgeable sincere person, that understands their needs.


Joel Aguilar

Inside Associate

Ethical and loyal are words that best describe Joel Aguilar.
“I like to set my expectations higher than the norm.”
Married and Proud father of two girls, ages 10 and 15.
Joel says, his girls Keep him pretty busy and on his toes.
Joel is a 36-year-old native of Houston. He loves baseball and playing softball, time at the beach and Bar-b-que with Friends.

Joel is also Super involved with his church and prides himself and being a Christian first.

Educating Families on the truth about Timeshare and how EZ Exit can help to get them out of the vicious cycle.

Joel understands that Timeshare Ownership can be somewhat confusing and likes to keep it simple.
Helping Families to become more free, more financially able to enjoy their life’s Dreams.
It’s a great feeling to help them get out of the vicious cycle.”


Stephanie Gallegos

Inside Associate

The best words to describe Stephanie are sincere and Caring.
Stephanie is a native Houstonian.
She often volunteers at the “Houston area women’s center” when she’s not going to school or working.

Stephanie is seeking her law degree.
Yes,  she aspires to become a lawyer.

Stephanie wants to be a part of the legal team here at EZ Exit Now.

She comes from a large Family with Three sisters and one brother.

She loves drawing and painting.

Stephanie says;  “It is important to know that the Resort is not on your side and that we are.

The resort does not even want you talking to us because they know “We Will” get you out.
And of course the resort does not want to let you out.

She would want you to know that: “We do listen and we do care.”

Stephanie has a personal experience with timeshares through her parents who were also convinced to purchase one.

Stephanie says;  “I feel that helping just one more person to understand, can  make a  big difference for generations to come.

Stephanie says she can identify sympathize and empathize with clients because she has been there herself.

Wade Abern

Wade Abern

Inside Associate

A man with passion and knowledge.

Wade has been with EZ Exit now for well over two years now.

His passion and passion for knowledge has driven him to be a scholar of the Timeshare industry.

He is a family man with a now 2 year old daughter that he is absolutely in love with.

Always willing to go the extra mile to help victims of Timeshare Fraud and  to help them understand that they are not alone.

Valeri Sautner

Valeri Sautner

Inside Associate

Valerie is a hard working mother of two who has been in this arena for many years.

She understands the troubles that many families have gone through and has seen first hand how hard it is to handle rising maintenance fees and special assessments imposed on hard working mothers just like her.


The lure of the vacation becomes the trap. The starvation for relaxation becomes the life sentence to family debt for generations to come without assistance from EZ Exit.


Jeff Polmanteer

Inside Associate

Jeff can be defined by two keywords;
Family and community. Jeff was born in New Hampshire to a large family of eight children, and immediately moved to Houston, Texas when his father took a position with NASA.

Jeff has been married to his wife Donna for 20 years and combined they have a son two daughters and three Grand children.

Jeff enjoys time with his family, sailing and scuba diving. These pursuits have led to extensive travels throughout North and Central America and most of the islands in the Caribbean.

Jeff lives to give back to his community. He holds the position of crew organizer with “rebuilding Together Houston”, and sits on the board of a local “not-for-profit” organization, as well as vice President of his home owners association.

Through his 40 years of creating possibilities in both start ups and fortune 500 companies, Jeff has been dedicated to customer service and passionate in mentoring The next generation of leadership.

Jeff has witnessed many in inequities through his life’s travels, and relishes his role in helping the average citizen break the financial bonds of the large timeshare conglomerates.

Stanley Pierre-Louis

Stanley Pierre-Louis

Inside Associate

Stanley has been with EZ Exit since the beginning.

Family man and Christian

Stanley is a gentleman that would give you the shirt off of his back in the name of the Lord.

We often find Stanley going the extra mile to help anyone who is in need.

His work dedication and loyalty to help confused timeshare Owners knows no bound.

Stanley is deeply and emotionally tied to helping families become “Timeshare Free”

Stanley is the Gentle Giant of EZ Exit. To know Stanley is to Love him.


Hanna Robbins

Inside Associate

Native born Texan
Grew up in the Woodlands Texas.
Student at lone star college.
Study of kinesiology.
That Sports Medical Science.

Hanna is really into fitness she loves to work out.
Hanna likes to do makeup professionally for special events.

Hanna is an animal lover. She loves her cats.

Hanna spends her spare time as a volunteer at her church. Setting up ceremonies and other events. Dressing the altar etc.

Hanna is very kindhearted and understands the struggles of timeshare ownership.

Hanna believes that our clients will be much happier once they understand the financial gains of becoming timeshare free.

Brandon Arevalo

Brandon Arevalo

Inside Associate

Straight and to the point.

That’s Brandon.

Brandon is a minister’s son and a full time student that has been with EZ Exit for more that two and al half years.

When Brandon is not taking classes, he is at the office on the phone helping people to understand what EZ Exit can to for them.

Or he is working out ! LOL


As Brandon says, We’ve been doing it for years, so we know just how to get it Done!