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According to the Timeshare Consumer Guide, approximately 6.7 million households own vacation properties or timeshares! As time passes, for whatever reason, you no longer want to keep the property. Now, you are researching ways to get the property out of your name. The timeshare and vacation property industry has developed a poor reputation over the years for aggressive sales techniques, lack of full-product disclosure and an ever-diminishing, often deceptive resale market.

At EZ Exit Now, we know that the major frustration with any type of vacation ownership is simply the lack of knowledge of the inner workings of the industry. This becomes clear when owners have made the decision to no longer use a vacation property or timeshare. Owners may have many reasons not to want to own their vacation properties or timeshares any longer. Perhaps they are physically unable to travel, or sadly, have lost a loved one who was also a favorite traveling companion. Or, perhaps they simply have trouble booking and using the time they want. Or, again, perhaps they become frustrated by the increasing maintenance fees or feel taken advantage of by large, special assessment fees. Many, similar complaints from owners hint at the complex business world that lies below the surface of these luxurious properties. Our representatives have been extensively trained on all aspects of vacation property and timeshare use and ownership. Anyone who owns a vacation property or timeshare and wants out MUST meet with one of our associates to save themselves and their loved ones from harm. Once owners have made the decision to no longer own their vacation property or timeshare, they are instantly at risk for several types of resale scams, fraud, and are even at risk of being taken advantage of by the timeshare companies themselves. Our consumer education program will empower you to identify and avoid these risks easily, save money, and learn the secrets of the vacation property and timeshare industry. We will offer an individualized solution to meet your unique needs. Contact EZ Exit Now for a consultation today!

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